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1 Anyone who speaks two languages can be a translator. Translation is a skill. That means that you’ve got to spend some time on deliberate practice before you become good at it. It’s also important to have good writing skills in the target language, know the terminology, be able to do research and use CAT-tools. Are you sure that your friend who studied French at the University 10 years ago is a good choice for translating your website?

2 Good translators can translate anything. I don’t know about other countries, but this is something that translation students are actually being taught at Russian universities. Nevertheless, that’s absolutely not true. Continue reading

Video art, illusions of motion, theatrical cinema, installations in museums and galleries

Richard Mosse the impossible image

Richard Mosse ‘The Impossible Image’

Well removed from “formalist” problems, it involves –though no main thread is ever distinctly defined– an interest in new fictional modes with which the issue of the device tends to replace that of the screenplay. This carefully presented book brings together all the texts accompanying the sessions. Some 20 film-makers are introduced by as many authors from differing backgrounds.  This diversity attests to the openness of this territory with its very vague boundaries. Two videos Richard Mosse ‘The Impossible Image’ and Janet Biggs ‘Somewhere beyond Nowhere’. Continue reading

Fascismo; l’altruismo strano per quelli che sono come ‘noi’. (ing.)

Fascism; this strange altruism for people like ‘us’. Written by myself.
Generally speaking, racism and fascism are negative or pessimistic ideologies ; the goal of the farright is to convert this fact in a positive doctrine. In order to do so the ‘other’, the ‘foreigner’ must become the incarnation of evil, the cause that, from time immemorial – which is to be searched in religious writing- , paved the unnatural course of History. All it takes is to intervene – that is the ‘positive’ aspect – so that all can be back to ‘normal’. Moreover, a unique cause of all evil (disastrous economic collapse, intellectual and moral decay, growing insecurity … etc) can thus be found : an infantile and monomaniaque character of the doctrine. All the misfortune, according to this ‘us/me’ ‘ego/ethnocentric’ concept, comes from ‘them/the foreigner’ and the non-recognition of the situation, the neglect of the interests of the people. Thus, a morality founded on this strange altruism for others like me, is given as the monopoly of one and same People or Race, ‘us’.

Ben Frost - The war is over

Ben Frost – The War is Over

15,000 images of Persian manuscripts online

One legend as example Humāy u Humāyūn was completed in 1331 in response to a request to enchant Muslim audiences with a Magian theme. Prince Humay, while hunting, is led by a ruby-lipped onager to the Queen of the Fairies who shows him a portrait of Humayun, daughter of the Emperor of China. He falls deeply in love and sets off to find her. His quest led him through many adventures but eventually he won her and became ruler of the Chinese empire. –


Asian and African Studies have uploaded more than 15,000 images of Persian manuscripts online. A project sponsored by the Iran Heritage Foundation together with the Bahari Foundation, the Barakat Trust, the Friends of the British Library, the Soudavar Memorial Foundation and the Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute.

Scene from the Shāhnāmah (Book of Kings) Bath scene -

 See 14 996 more at: http://britishlibrary.typepad.co.uk/asian-and-african/2014/01/15000-images-of-persian-manuscripts-online.html#sthash.ZI7gHIlf.dpuf

Thémis,  díkē in Greece and Ius the oath in Rome

Gortyne, le pietre che parlano

Gortyne, le pietre che parlano

in Vocabulary of Indo-European institutions – Emile Benvéniste – Laws or rules are crucial to Indo-European studies: they constrain the reconstructions and etymologies on which our knowledge of the history and prehistory of ancient languages is based, and they allow processes of morphological change, semantic shift, and borrowing to be identified. Their relevance results from the recognition that phenomena such as sound change tend to be regular, and this in turn leads, for example, to the principle that etymologies are possible only if the sound changes they require apply to all relevant examples in the language in question. Continue reading

Buongiorno :)

“Ricordati, se mai dovessi aver bisogno di una mano che ti aiuti, che ne troverai una alla fine del tuo braccio… Nel diventare più maturo scoprirai che hai due mani. Una per aiutare te stesso, l’altra per aiutare gli altri.” Audrey Hepburn


Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, it’s at the end of your arm, as you get older, remember you have another hand: The first is to help yourself, the second is to help others. Audrey Hepburn

Absence of norms among sport fans and violent behavior.3

Ali Alışır - virtual places

One question is all-important if fan group violence is to be controlled, and even more, prevented: is hooliganism the consequence of social disorganization and social vacuum, used by supporters, or is it the product of certain clubs? Supporterism developed in France in the 1980s and 90s. This was the period when the Kop of Boulogne became structured, the CU84 (the Ultra Commando of Marseilles in 1984) and the UB85 group (the Bordeaux Ultras in 1985) were created. The economic situation was difficult at the time, with unemployment as well as inflation on the rise, and young people were plagued with tremendous doubts as to their social integration. For most of the young people who participated in the world of the Ultras – the extremists – this was a way of escaping societal uncertainties, as well as an outlet. Football was the main focus of their passion. Continue reading