Fascismo; l’altruismo strano per quelli che sono come ‘noi’. (ing.)

Fascism; this strange altruism for people like ‘us’. Written by myself.
Generally speaking, racism and fascism are negative or pessimistic ideologies ; the goal of the farright is to convert this fact in a positive doctrine. In order to do so the ‘other’, the ‘foreigner’ must become the incarnation of evil, the cause that, from time immemorial – which is to be searched in religious writing- , paved the unnatural course of History. All it takes is to intervene – that is the ‘positive’ aspect – so that all can be back to ‘normal’. Moreover, a unique cause of all evil (disastrous economic collapse, intellectual and moral decay, growing insecurity … etc) can thus be found : an infantile and monomaniaque character of the doctrine. All the misfortune, according to this ‘us/me’ ‘ego/ethnocentric’ concept, comes from ‘them/the foreigner’ and the non-recognition of the situation, the neglect of the interests of the people. Thus, a morality founded on this strange altruism for others like me, is given as the monopoly of one and same People or Race, ‘us’.

Ben Frost - The war is over

Ben Frost – The War is Over


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