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1 Anyone who speaks two languages can be a translator. Translation is a skill. That means that you’ve got to spend some time on deliberate practice before you become good at it. It’s also important to have good writing skills in the target language, know the terminology, be able to do research and use CAT-tools. Are you sure that your friend who studied French at the University 10 years ago is a good choice for translating your website?

2 Good translators can translate anything. I don’t know about other countries, but this is something that translation students are actually being taught at Russian universities. Nevertheless, that’s absolutely not true.

Article from Elena Etereshchenkova

11 Myths about Translation and Translators





  1. I have a tremendous amount of respect for those that can precisely translate documents or conversation between languages that often don’t have clean lines drawn to words or meanings. Then there is the ever evolving dialects and slang. Throw proper grammar, content, and punctuation on top of that and suddenly my mind melts and pours out on my shoulders trying to think about it.

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