‘Pellegrinaggio alla modernità’ X.Delory

‘Pellegrinaggio alla modernità’ è un tributo eccentrico ai “monumenti” del movimento moderno. / “What is left of the utopia, the better future that the Modern Movement promised us at the beginning of the 20th century? No more slums, a clean sweep, a clean slate, the death of style…. the living machine is coming! Among other things, modernity has given rise to an explosion of huge buildings across the world. These “museum buildings”, preserved like precious objects, are the sole vestiges of all that remains of this movement. But let’s not jump on the band wagon, every era has its burden to bear, don’t spoil our pleasure in the ‘The wise, correct and superb play of masses gathered under the light.’*’Pilgrimage to modernity’ is a quirky tribute to the ‘monuments’ of the modern movement.” X. Delory   http://www.xavierdelory.com/



2 thoughts on “‘Pellegrinaggio alla modernità’ X.Delory

  1. I love his work, I found something he said about his adding colors to Le Corbusier Ronchamp chapelle. “The explosion of color,” according to Delory, “symbolizes the many criticisms directed at the chapel at the time of its creation, whose design was accused of irrationalism, formalism, egocentricity, betrayal.” 🙂

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