Pietro da Eboli-“Liber ad Honorem Augusti” sta tradotto in inglese

University of Leeds-The Book in Honour of the Emperor – Peter of Eboly. This long poem in praise of the Emperor Henry VI and describing his conquest of the kingdom of Sicily was probably written between 1195 and 1197. Medieval history texts in translation is a set of more texts translated in English by researchers of the University of Leeds. Find more details following this link: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/arts/info/125040/medieval_studies_research_group/1102/medieval_history_texts_in_translation


You can find around 50 illustrations of Liber ad honorem Augusti by Pitro da Eboli here:


Extract of the poem:

III The Lamentation and Mourning of Palermo

The city that was up to now happy, endowed with people of three languages,

Is struck in the heart, wavers in its breast, falls in its mind;

They cry out, with hand, mouth and tears. They give way to tears,

Young men and boys, old men with the young,

Rich and poor, slave and free, pious and impious, all

With equal gravity utter the funeral laments for the king.

The chaste cry with widows, the married along with virgins,

How do I delay my tears? There was nothing except for lamentation.

The one who lies in his crib, the adult who is at the height of his powers,

And those for whom their cane forms a sort of third leg,

In every place, in every street, and through the lofty palaces they lament.

The ninth days dries up the tears.

Then the father bishop spoke these words to all,

He was unable to speak more than a few words because of his tears:

Up to now, when wandering we have found the correct path,

Up to now, our heart has driven the hungry wolves from the stables;

Up to now, the sheep have returned to the fold with no one driving them,

The shepherd’s sheep, heavy with milk in the evening;

Up to now, no wandering cow has feared the lions’ claws,

Nor has any bird been afraid of the beaks of eagles;

Up to now, the solitary traveller has gone rejoicing through the shadows;

Nor, up to now, has there been any place for ambush;

Up to now, anybody could see himself in that mirror;

That death has shattered and the graves of the night [now] hold;

So far the candles of this wretched kingdom have burned,

That flame now becomes ash under the dark earth.

Send out the word that the sister of Phoebus and the wife of Jove

Should hasten to join both under the strength of her rule’.

You can download the full text following this link http://www.leeds.ac.uk/arts/downloads/file/1156/the_book_in_honour_of_the_emperor_by_peter_of_eboli

Pietro da Eboli inginocchiato, offre la sua opera all'imperatore Enrico VI. Miniatura dal Liber ad honorem Augusti, 1196.

Pietro da Eboli inginocchiato, offre la sua opera all’imperatore Enrico VI. Miniatura dal Liber ad honorem Augusti, 1196. (wikipedia)


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