Volontario con la stessa volontà :D

Grazie all”aiuto dei militari, abbiamo rimosso famiglie Türkmen iracheno che legittimamente non si sentivano al sicuro nel territorio kurdo. Andranno in un campo o saranno accolti da un gruppo di Türkmen turchi, quest’ultima essendo la miglior soluzione. E questo week-end, 2 giorni di sosta ….. tutti al mare! 😀 

Volunteering with the same will. With the help of soldiers we relocated some Iraqi Türkmen families who legitimately did not feel safe in Kurdish territory. They will go to a camp or will be welcomed, for an indefinite period, by a Turkish Türkmen group, the latter being the best solution. And now 2 days holidays …. let’s go to the beach! 😀

Mardine e a l’orizzonte, il confine e Siria

Sto lavorando volontario con il türk kızılayı (La Red Crescent turca) in i non-ufficiale campi profughi vicino a Ceylanpınar, non sono dottore, chirurgo né infermiera, quindi diventerò multifunzionale, il più delle volte aiutando per le prima necessità e per i raggrupamenti familiari cercando lungo il confine e sulle montagne nei dintorni. E sopratutto ascoltare e …. ascoltare. Sono molto soddisfatto per fare questo lavoro durante le vacanze.

I am in South-Turkey, at the Turkish-Syrian-Iraqi border where I volunteer with the Turkish Red Crescent in non-official refugee camps. As I’m not doctor, nurse nor surgeon I will become multi-functional, most of all listen … and listen. Most of the time, in the surroundings I will help cheking identities, provide first needs and reunite refugee families and organize all the necessary logistics . I’m very satisfied to do this job during my holidays.

Je suis pendant un mois dans le sud de la Turquie partie faire du bénévolat dans les camps officieux (dans les montagnes alentours) de réfugiés, aider pour les premiers besoins et les regroupements familiaux et toute la logistique inhérente. Je suis contente de faire ce travail pendant mes vacances.


L’avidità, una favola facile da spargere (ingl. e fr.)


Ojibwe Wild Rice

“Le désir est impérieux et l’âge d’or toujours un précieux mirage. En réalité, et toujours, le pouvoir se repose sur notre infantilisme qu’il s’ingénie à satisfaire.” Daniel de Coppet – Indigenous peoples are faced with a dual predicament: trying to reach a balance between economic development and protection of an often sacred environment in which resources are found and occasionally working side by side with non-indigenous environmentalist groups, and “recycling” the stereotype of the ecological Native. (…) Adopting global tools and using social networks, the indigenous peoples are fighting back. These fragile and perhaps transitory victories, however, do not disprove the fact that indigenous knowledge, resources and land are under threat.” Continue reading

AI, lo spirito (Geist), scienze sociali e variabilità culturale. (ingl. e fr.)


AI, spirit (Geist), social sciences and cultural variability. “… how can we build a historical machine? A machine that lay beyond the opposition between the cultural and the mechanical fields would allow us to conceive the mind as a device devoted to the generation of cultures, with all that that implies in terms of uncontrollable variability. (…)this paradox lying at the root of Artificial Intelligence, is how to construct machines that, far from being controlled and controllable, may open up new spaces of unpredictability, contingency, and history. Continue reading

L’IA ha fatto dei progressi notevolissimi


AI made phenomenal progress day by day. 90% of the work of bankers and lawyers is as from now can be achieved through bots. And this is a brilliant opportunity to keep focusing on the added value of the human, the professional. All activities of offices are differently exposed, yet some are 100%: the drawing up of mortgages contracts, a large portion of family law, corporate law …
“A 19-year-old created a free robot lawyer that has beaten 160,000 parking tickets. The very first robot lawyer that was designed to challenge parking tickets has been wildly successful since it was launched last Fall.”

More details here : http://uk.businessinsider.com/joshua-browder-bot-overturns-160000-parking-tickets-2016-6?r=US&IR=T

here : http://futurism.com/artificially-intelligent-lawyer-ross-hired-first-official-law-firm/

 L ‘IA fait des progrès spectaculaires de jour en jour. Sans doute 90% du travail des banquiers et des avocats est dès à présent réalisable par des bots. Et c’est une chance formidable de pouvoir se concentrer sur la valeur ajoutée de l’humain professionnel. Toutes les activités ne sont pas exposées de la même façon, mais certaines le sont presque à 100%, comme la redaction de contrats d’hypothèques, une bonne part du droit de la famille, du droit des sociétés,….
« Le programme gratuit DoNotPay créé par un ado de 19 ans, proposant des services juridiques, a contesté plus de 160.000 amendes pour stationnement non-autorisé à Londres et à New York depuis l’automne dernier. »

détails ici : https://fr.sputniknews.com/international/201606301026301154-robot-avocat-elaboration/