Rassegna Generale del Diritto (Ted., Ing. & Fr.)


To each language corresponds a different law; national concepts are thus not easily translated. Therefore CAT-tools are useless. The ‘Revue Générale du Droit’ is a site of the Chair of Public Law of the Universität des Saarlandes. It brings together very different types of productions addressing accessible issues to a diverse audience – rulings passed by the Council of State of France, the German Federal Constitutional Court, Comprehensive Italian Public Law (Giacomo Roma), and other European countries. I set here a few links highly necessary for jurists and translators.

http://www.revuegeneraledudroit.eu/   Home-Acceuil

http://www.revuegeneraledudroit.eu/blog/source/rgd-typepublication-etudesetreflexions/       Studies and reflections- Etudes et réflexions

http://www.revuegeneraledudroit.eu/blog/author/roma/  Italian law in French – Droit italien

http://www.bijus.eu/?page_id=10533    Une introduction au droit constitutionnel allemand en français

http://www.bijus.eu/?page_id=10540   Eine zweisprachige Einführung in die Staatsgrundlagen und in das Staatsorganisationsrecht der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

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