Glossari dei termini giuridici (Ing.)


We know that word-for-word, literal, direct translations are useless in most fields, accordingly, I gathered a few links to online American, Canadian and English legal glossaries that explain some of the Law terminology. It contains definitions, of techniques, media and other law jargon. Because metaphrases, nuances of wording are not reflected in legal texts and do not provide the necessary details, hence, some useful links

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, this website explains not only the meanings of the words in the glossary, but also examples and numerous links to other sources of information for those who need to research further. Example:

Moral Rights – Broadly speaking, the set of rights in a work that give control over the existence or fate of a work, rather than over its economic exploitation. They are most often listed as: The right of paternity – The right of integrity – The right of withdrawal – The right of release

Clickdoc – This very useful glossary includes legal terms on numerous area of law used in the UK: Business Documents, Company Formation, Domestic and Consumer, Financial Agreements, Internet and IT, Power of Attorney … and many lore.

The ‘lectric Law Library – Here you will find over a thousand definitions of terms and concepts used in the legal field. For example;

European Union’s Adoption of the Community Trademark Act – Int’l Trademark Assn’s 12/96 Draft Domain Name Policy Proposal – UK Court Issues Interim Interdict (Prelim. Inj) Against Web Site Links – Illegal & Harmful Content on the Net – Report to European Parliament

Duhaime – A dictionary of legal terms grouped by topic (civil law, criminal law etc.), painstakingly researched and written in plain language by Lloyd Duhaime. You can also use the search function on the left hand side to look for a specific term.

Il Giorno della Memoria

International Holocaust Remembrance Day – Il Giorno della Memoria
“O the black bird went into my heart and stole it. Here I live in auschtwitz here in auschtwitz I’m hungry, there isn’t a piece of bread to eat. there isn’t nothing to eat here its all my bad luck. at one time I had my home. I’m so hungry I could kill. oh oh Jesus. OH OH. ”

Imperialismo, sovranità e la creazione del diritto internazionale (Ing. & Fr.)


Imperialism, Sovereignty and the Making of International Law. / For the discipline of international law, the relationship between the states system, colonialism and international law is something of a chicken and egg question: Which came first? Tradition suggests that international law came ‘to the colonies fully formed and ready for application, as if the colonial project simply entailed assimilating these aberrant societies into an existing, stable, “Eurocentric” system’ […] civilizing missions nowadays bare the varnish of respectability under the guise of democratization, human rights, economic liberalization and development.” Brett Bowden, University of Queensland – translated by myself.

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Il passato, un luogo con fatti scelti, per fondare un’ideologia del presente (Ing. & Fr.)


The past, a place with facts chosen to ground a contemporary ideology. “Ataturk himself is presented as (…) a successor of some Medieval heroes. Bilge, khan of the Göktûrk tribe in Central Asia (8th century), is presented as an embodiment of « pure » Turkish values, without any Islamic influence. Alp Arslan, sultan of the Seljuks (11th century) who defeated the Byzantines in Eastern Anatolia and made the Turkish settlement possible in this region, is seen as the very founder of present Muslim Turkey. In the historical narrative, both heroes are explicitly presented as heralds of Ataturk. Each hero embodies a different virtue (the « pure » Turkish spirit and the « Muslim » Turkish spirit) which have their own function in State ideology and in collective memory. E. Copeaux translated by myself

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L’effetto evanescente dei Tzigani – Esistono gli Tzigani ? ‘Ing. & Fr.)


Gypsy evanescence, do Gypsies exist ? « Everywhere and always, Gypsies are different from the people they encounter, but not always and everywhere similarly; there is a link between the way of life and the personality of the non-Gypsies and the way of life and the personality of the Gypsies when in contact with one another. […] Cultural Gypsy characteristics can not be reduced to borrowed features. Activities after which the Gadjkene Gypsies from Auvergne withdraw from the non-Gypsy society (selection, abstention, withdrawal, silence) are very common; they result in a set of rituals regulating the relation between the living and the dead, and beyond, the relation to others …” P. WilliamsCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) – Translated by myself.  Continue reading

Ti auguro di avere una vita di cui essere fiera. E se scopri che non è questo il caso, ti auguro di trovare la forza di rifare tutto da capo. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Testo (Ing. & Fr.), F. Scott Fitzgerald; photo e arte Zelda Fitzgerald, sua bellissima moglia.   For what it’s worth… it is never too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit. Start whenever you want. You can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people who have a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Si tu veux mon avis il n’est jamais trop tard ou dans mon cas trop tôt. Pour être ce que tu as envie d’être. Il n’y a pas de limite de temps, c’est quand tu veux. Tu peux changer ou rester la même. Il n’y a pas de règles pour ça. On peux en tirer le meilleur ou le pire. J’espère que tu en tireras le meilleur, j’espère que tu verras des choses qui te secoueront. Que tu ressentiras des choses que tu n’as jamais ressenties. Que tu rencontreras des personnes qui ont un point de vue différent. J’espère que tu seras fière de ta vie. Et que si tu découvres que ça n’est pas le cas, j’espère que tu auras la force de tout recommencer. F. Scott Fitzgerald. 



In order to avoid speaking, writing Globish (globish = global + english)

To escape long paraphrasing, intrecate obtuse language, to write articles that aim to be topical, lively, informative and close to native quality with consistency in wording and expressions …


Il contributo delle scienze sociali all’umanesimo della civiltà tecnologica (Fr. & Ing.)


The contribution of social sciences to our ‘technical civilisation humanism. It is questionable whether social phenomena enjoy a significant degree of reality or if some of them refer to an illusion, a collective phantasmagoria. (…)Yet mystification is also a human action. Technological civilisation is not a distinct civilisation (…) humanisation of social life is not the task of merely one profession. It depends on all human beings and on all sciences. Humanising the technological civilisation involves firstly to place it in the global history of mankind perspective; it also involves analysis and understanding the dynamics of its establishment and of its functioning. Consequently, in any case it involves knowing.” Translated by myself. Unesco, Claude Levi-Strauss, Titre original: « L’apport des sciences sociales à l’humanisme de la civilisation technique ». Continue reading

Ripensare l’impatto di sorveglianza: la sicurezza nazionale, diritti umani, soggetività e obbedienza.


Rethinking the Impact of Surveillance: National Security, Human Rights, Democracy, Subjectivity, and Obedience-“… for one suspect with hundred first degree relations, the NSA surveillance official or a subcontractor can, without any specific warrant, monitor the 2 669 556 potential third degree connections. According to the tremendous amount of thus gathered data, analysts don’t read the entire content but visualize the identified relations graphic focusing mainly on most important sections where specific nods of network appear. […[ some services ask other security services to take over some of their tasks and thus ‘work around’ the imposed confines of foreign intelligence developing a ‘private life shopping’ based on the exchange of their own citizen surveillance with other services considered as foreigners.” Continue reading