Glossari dei termini giuridici (Ing.)


We know that word-for-word, literal, direct translations are useless in most fields, accordingly, I gathered a few links to online American, Canadian and English legal glossaries that explain some of the Law terminology. It contains definitions, of techniques, media and other law jargon. Because metaphrases, nuances of wording are not reflected in legal texts and do not provide the necessary details, hence, some useful links

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, this website explains not only the meanings of the words in the glossary, but also examples and numerous links to other sources of information for those who need to research further. Example:

Moral Rights – Broadly speaking, the set of rights in a work that give control over the existence or fate of a work, rather than over its economic exploitation. They are most often listed as: The right of paternity – The right of integrity – The right of withdrawal – The right of release

Clickdoc – This very useful glossary includes legal terms on numerous area of law used in the UK: Business Documents, Company Formation, Domestic and Consumer, Financial Agreements, Internet and IT, Power of Attorney … and many lore.

The ‘lectric Law Library – Here you will find over a thousand definitions of terms and concepts used in the legal field. For example;

European Union’s Adoption of the Community Trademark Act – Int’l Trademark Assn’s 12/96 Draft Domain Name Policy Proposal – UK Court Issues Interim Interdict (Prelim. Inj) Against Web Site Links – Illegal & Harmful Content on the Net – Report to European Parliament

Duhaime – A dictionary of legal terms grouped by topic (civil law, criminal law etc.), painstakingly researched and written in plain language by Lloyd Duhaime. You can also use the search function on the left hand side to look for a specific term.

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