L’umanesimo occidentale contemporaneo: l’umano al centro del mondo.

Western humanism nowadays : “Man is the measure of all things”. Western, democratic and secular society, has for a long time forged a system of moral values being assumed universal and whose name is humanism. Humanism is an impulse, it is as much a part of our nature as our “humanity”. Who wants the good of humanity is humanist. Thus no one could oppose this declaration without being accused of immoral, fascist or worse: Continue reading


Multiculturalism and universalism – As we all know by now, ‘culture’ has emerged in recent decades as the subject of intense and divisive political controversies at both the national and international level. The intensity and divisiveness of these controversies can be felt most acutely in a number of areas. These include: identity politics or the politics of cultural differences and recognition, multiculturalism, cross-cultural communication or more specifically, with the issue of cultural relativism vs. moral universalism, particularly as it is brought to bear on the debates and struggles about human rightsdemocracyhuman development, social and global justice –to mention only a few of the most contentious ones. Continue reading