“L’hai sognato, lo ha fatto il transumanesimo. E cosa stavi sognando? Di porre fine alla malattia, alla vecchiaia e perché no? Di porre fine alla morte! “

People were asking for it, so transhumanism has gone ahead and done it! And what were you dreaming of? To end disease, old age, and why not? to end death!

The scientific institution of transhumanism

According to Hélène Jeannin, the main goal of the transhumanist movement is to thoroughly transform human beings thanks to innovative technology, it is divided into a plurality of currents, however, they all agree on the following postulate: technology will participate in the improvement and increase of human capacities, this is how Humanity would be freed from physiological and psychic limits in order to reach a higher level of consciousness.     Continue reading

La legge sui rifugiati (Refugee Law – La Loi sur les Réfugiés)

loi réfugiés

Refugee law may be the world’s most powerful international human rights mechanism. Not  only do millions of people invoke its protections every year in countries spanning the globe, but they do so on the basis of a self-actuating mechanism of international law that, quite literally, allows at-risk persons to vote with their feet. This is because, as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (“UNHCR”) has insisted, refugee status is not a status that  is granted by states; it is rather simply recognized by them: Continue reading