Fine del mese, le scartoffie sono pronte, e ora home sweet home YES ! 🎉 ☀ 😊

l’asino del vicino, Peggy il nostro cane e tutta questa bella gente …. 😊 😊 😊 😊

End of the month, banking and administrative papers are ready for both of us, hurray !!!!! 😊  walking around our house and garden, just enjoying, no hurry for nothing, the neighbour’s donkey dropped by …. good vibes 😊 😊 😊 😊

Il testamento politico di A. Camus 22 gennaio 1958 (Ing. & Fr.)

Speech to the Spanish refugees fleeing Francoism. Political testament of Albert Camus pronounced January 22, 1958.

Extract: And if sometimes I find it hard to work in this intellectual society where we live in, 

where one makes a point of honor of disloyalty

where reflex replaced reflection

where thinking is throwing slogans around

and where evilness tries too often to pass itself as intelligence.

Then what else can be bone than rely on one’s own star? (…)

I live as I can in an unhappy world

rich in its people and its youth

temporarily poor in its elites

a world set out in search for an order, a renaissance. (…)

Tutti pronti per Ferragosto …. 😊

Di nuovo in Italia, con amici Australiani e Italiani; la vita è davvero bellissima 😊

Back in Italy, 15th of august is a big thing in Italy, mostly it represents 3 days 13, 14, 15  of enjoying being with friends, the sea, the sun and music. LIFE IS JUST GOOD. 😊

ps: on the photo of me, i’m not in Marina di Carrara, I was in Karataş, Turkey

La misura della vita di essere umani e altre… Measurement of a lifetime of human beings and else …

To start abolishing chaos, the measurement of time must be taken into account, counting, measuring, punctuating, and giving values to every appearance, to all events. Whereas the extent of the forest, that of the sky and the sea, whereas both duration of day and night do not allow themselves to be divided, on the contrary all the events of a lifetime of a man, a woman, a genealogical line, an ethnic group, a hamlet, a territory can be measured, compared. The chosen measure is universal since it enables men to obtain the means used in daily life that allow to deal with the construction of relationships, compensations for murder, to restart war or peace, to support in general all human endeavours through the powers of the dead. This ‘chosen measure’ has the power to provide men with ruin or success. It is at the same time maleficent and beneficent. Sometimes this measure dies by the hand of man. It occurs in the evening of a life, when the old man remains alone, without descents. His lands will not be dwelt any more, his gardens will not be cultivated. It seems as though everything stops with him.

Tevau, or red feather money, from the Solomon Islands

Tevau, red feathers used during ceremonies – Solomon Islands



Volontario con la stessa volontà :D

Grazie all”aiuto dei militari, abbiamo rimosso famiglie Türkmen iracheno che legittimamente non si sentivano al sicuro nel territorio kurdo. Andranno in un campo o saranno accolti da un gruppo di Türkmen turchi, quest’ultima essendo la miglior soluzione. E questo week-end, 2 giorni di sosta ….. tutti al mare! 😀 

Volunteering with the same will. With the help of soldiers we relocated some Iraqi Türkmen families who legitimately did not feel safe in Kurdish territory. They will go to a camp or will be welcomed, for an indefinite period, by a Turkish Türkmen group, the latter being the best solution. And now 2 days holidays …. let’s go to the beach! 😀