L’effetto evanescente dei Tzigani – Esistono gli Tzigani ? ‘Ing. & Fr.)


Gypsy evanescence, do Gypsies exist ? « Everywhere and always, Gypsies are different from the people they encounter, but not always and everywhere similarly; there is a link between the way of life and the personality of the non-Gypsies and the way of life and the personality of the Gypsies when in contact with one another. […] Cultural Gypsy characteristics can not be reduced to borrowed features. Activities after which the Gadjkene Gypsies from Auvergne withdraw from the non-Gypsy society (selection, abstention, withdrawal, silence) are very common; they result in a set of rituals regulating the relation between the living and the dead, and beyond, the relation to others …” P. WilliamsCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) – Translated by myself.  Continue reading