Donne spiriti, cristianesimo e cambiamento culturale in Melanesia – Spirit women and cultural change in Melanesia (ing. & fr.)

As anthropologists increasingly study Christianity in Melanesia, data has become available which allow us to address comparative questions about its differential impact in various societies of the region. In this article, the author looks at how conversion to Christianity has transformed women’s roles in one society in Papua New Guinea and one in Vanuatu. In particular, he examines what Christian values have meant for the construction of new gender roles. Continue reading

Education and capabilities – Education as a right

education 1

Education and capabilities – Education as a right – The purpose of this paper is to propose a theoretical argument for incorporating the issue of social justice, as articulated in Amartya Sen’s capabilities approach, in evaluating the capitalist models of higher education. Building on existing work on the capabilities approach within education, it is emphasised that the notion of capabilities provides a useful theoretical and conceptual framework for a more meaningful understanding of issues relating to education.If variety and diversity underpin capitalist models, one of the main characteristics of the Anglo-Saxon capitalist models is the importance of competition. Higher education in capitalist models is also driven by competition and, if one uses the viewpoint of global university ranking, the competitive education model is considered the most successful. Continue reading