Eredi cosmopoliti, mercenari dell’imperialismo, missionari dell’internazionalizzazione (Ing. & Fr.)


Kris Kuksi

Sociology has little presence in the discourse on globalisation.]…] However, even if becoming diversified, essential arguments continue to be formulated in the areas of economy, law and political sciences, thus leaving little room for sociology but to witness the reality of epistemic communities engaged in advocacy and issue networks often presented as the embryo of an international civil society.]…] Internationalisation strategies are distinction strategies for a small privileged class that can use little discretion on the foundation of their privileges in order to continue applying the double standards, national and international: investment on international level in order to consolidate its power on a national level and, simultaneously, to ensure their national notoriety to making its voice heard on the international scene.” Yves Dezalay, EHESS, Directeur de recherche émérite CNRS. / Translated by myself Continue reading