La posta in gioco dei diritti delle donne migranti nell’Unione europea. Schiavitù, prostituzione e traffico di donne. (Ing. & Fr.)

The Challenges of Framing Women Migrants’ Rights in the European Union

In all countries of the European Union domestic work performed by migrant women, often in an irregular legal status, is increasing. Many workers face poor living and exploitative working conditions. Over the last decades, migrant domestic workers and advocacy organizations have developed multi-level strategies to improve those living and working conditions. In the contribution different and sometimes contradicting strategies of how a European network of migrant domestic workers and other actors mobilize will be identified and analyzed. It will be argued that the resonance the network achieved in the European Union was ambivalent and encompassed unintended consequences : On the one hand it allowed structural access to EU policy makers but on the other hand it narrowed down the political opportunities due to a fusion of migration policies and security policies. Continue reading

Humanitarian assistance, cannibal of otherness.


Photos at Tikopia, most southeastern remote island of the Solomons. Humanitarian ideology is based on the western postulate of the universality of human rights. It is its main support. A conception that finds its roots in the western world implemented by the Westerners. It is obvious that human dignity must be asserted and defended. But beyond this principle implementation and orchestration of this conception are questionable for it imposes a Western-centric sense that is not to be taken for granted by the majority of human kind. Continue reading