Metodologia del Diritto Internazionale (Ing. e Fr.)

Methodology seeks to define the means of acquiring scientific knowledge. There is no generally accepted definition of the methodology of international law. In this article it will be taken to comprise both its wider meaning of the methods used in the acquisition of a scientific knowledge of the international legal system and its narrower and more specialized meaning, the methods used to determine the existence of norms or rules of international law. Continue reading

Lo status dei mercenari

mercenaires 2

Un mercenario è “un soldato disposto a vendere le sue abilità militari al miglior offerente, indipendentemente dalla causa”. / Un mercenaire est « un soldat voulant vendre ses compétences militaires au plus offrant, et pour qui la cause importe peu ». / A mercenary is ‘a soldier willing to sell his military skills to the highest bidder, no matter what the cause’. Continue reading

Relazioni multiple di potere nei la gestione dei flussi migratori (ing.- fr.)

imm 1Multiple power relations in the movements of migrants management  –This paper will focus on one key agency within the international government of borders: the International Organization for Migration ( IOM). Representing itself as `the migration agency’, the IOM today operates as a major source of intelligence, assessment, advice, and technical assistance in connection with national and regional border policies and practices. Continue reading

Giustizia internazionale & il problema delle frontiere (ing. & fr.)

The problem of borders, summary and translation by myself – It is manifestly clear that a plethora of agencies now specialise in advising, assisting, and consulting national governments in diverse aspects of their border management for the international government of borders is a crowded, heterogeneous, and sometimes disputed field of expertise and intervention.

A Palestinian woman walks along the controversial Israeli barrier in al-Ram

A Palestinian woman walks along the controversial Israeli barrier in al-Ram in the West Bank on the outskirts of Jerusalem July 6, 2010. REUTERS/Baz Ratner 

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Sundus Abbas speech, Iraqi Turkmen representative at the European Parliament (eng. & fr)

Sündüz Abbas

Sundus Abbas’s speech, Iraqi Turkmen representative at the European Parliament

The Turkmen of Iraq support a united democratic Iraq and expect to see justice, equality, fairness, an end to discrimination, the right to self-determination, to obtain rights equal to those obtained by other groups and save whatever is left of our unique culture and population and an end to violence. Unfortunately, these expectations are far from reality. Continue reading

Humanitarian assistance, cannibal of otherness.


Photos at Tikopia, most southeastern remote island of the Solomons. Humanitarian ideology is based on the western postulate of the universality of human rights. It is its main support. A conception that finds its roots in the western world implemented by the Westerners. It is obvious that human dignity must be asserted and defended. But beyond this principle implementation and orchestration of this conception are questionable for it imposes a Western-centric sense that is not to be taken for granted by the majority of human kind. Continue reading