L’embrione, il clone e la scimmia (Ing. & Fr)


Rachael, replicant in Blade Runer

I limiti dell’essere umano sono infatti oggetto di dibattiti a volte accesi, di decisioni politiche o giudiziarie spesso contestate, di battaglie morale e scientifiche, di riflessioni filosofiche ed di esperienze artistiche. //// Embryo, clone and ape- “The case of cloning is even more problematic, it brings debates that go far beyond the religious spheres. To a large degree, the human clone is a phantasm, it is fascinating or frightening. It is the phantasm of the human being technically reproduced, as an object; more than with the embryo in vitro, the denaturing is in fact obvious with the clone. Here again the Christian origins of the opposition are clear. The Order of Nature is implemented by God, and within this natural order, sexual reproduction, the perpetuation of human species by the union between two adults of the opposite sex or even the forwarding of the original Sin by this union, are necessary since the eviction of Adam and Eve from paradise. But if man starts to violate the order of nature and create himself his fellow men, he will not play God’s role, but that one of the Devil.” Continue reading