Il passato, un luogo con fatti scelti, per fondare un’ideologia del presente (Ing. & Fr.)


The past, a place with facts chosen to ground a contemporary ideology. “Ataturk himself is presented as (…) a successor of some Medieval heroes. Bilge, khan of the Göktûrk tribe in Central Asia (8th century), is presented as an embodiment of « pure » Turkish values, without any Islamic influence. Alp Arslan, sultan of the Seljuks (11th century) who defeated the Byzantines in Eastern Anatolia and made the Turkish settlement possible in this region, is seen as the very founder of present Muslim Turkey. In the historical narrative, both heroes are explicitly presented as heralds of Ataturk. Each hero embodies a different virtue (the « pure » Turkish spirit and the « Muslim » Turkish spirit) which have their own function in State ideology and in collective memory. E. Copeaux translated by myself

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