Il contributo delle scienze sociali all’umanesimo della civiltà tecnologica (Fr. & Ing.)


The contribution of social sciences to our ‘technical civilisation humanism. It is questionable whether social phenomena enjoy a significant degree of reality or if some of them refer to an illusion, a collective phantasmagoria. (…)Yet mystification is also a human action. Technological civilisation is not a distinct civilisation (…) humanisation of social life is not the task of merely one profession. It depends on all human beings and on all sciences. Humanising the technological civilisation involves firstly to place it in the global history of mankind perspective; it also involves analysis and understanding the dynamics of its establishment and of its functioning. Consequently, in any case it involves knowing.” Translated by myself. Unesco, Claude Levi-Strauss, Titre original: « L’apport des sciences sociales à l’humanisme de la civilisation technique ». Continue reading


AI, lo spirito (Geist), scienze sociali e variabilità culturale. (ingl. e fr.)


AI, spirit (Geist), social sciences and cultural variability. “… how can we build a historical machine? A machine that lay beyond the opposition between the cultural and the mechanical fields would allow us to conceive the mind as a device devoted to the generation of cultures, with all that that implies in terms of uncontrollable variability. (…)this paradox lying at the root of Artificial Intelligence, is how to construct machines that, far from being controlled and controllable, may open up new spaces of unpredictability, contingency, and history. Continue reading