Ripensare l’impatto di sorveglianza: la sicurezza nazionale, diritti umani, soggetività e obbedienza.


Rethinking the Impact of Surveillance: National Security, Human Rights, Democracy, Subjectivity, and Obedience-“… for one suspect with hundred first degree relations, the NSA surveillance official or a subcontractor can, without any specific warrant, monitor the 2 669 556 potential third degree connections. According to the tremendous amount of thus gathered data, analysts don’t read the entire content but visualize the identified relations graphic focusing mainly on most important sections where specific nods of network appear. […[ some services ask other security services to take over some of their tasks and thus ‘work around’ the imposed confines of foreign intelligence developing a ‘private life shopping’ based on the exchange of their own citizen surveillance with other services considered as foreigners.” Continue reading