Ecosostenibilità, Arte, Antropologia e Filosofia

mille anni 4

GREEN CULTURE – The conception of nature as matter to be objectified by modern science or as an inanimate resource at our disposal is currently being disrupted by ecological, ethological, anthropological and philosophical research. Because of global warming, nature is simultaneously entering the political scene. Ironically, the urgent need to reassess our relationship to nature is surfacing at the very same time that we are losing its concept. The books addressed in this article combine art and theoretical thought. They function as explorations that both try to outline the kind of nature we are leaving behind and the possibilities we could be traveling towards. Along the way, we might also lose a certain type of humanhood: who are we becoming, and what is our place in this coming nature? All these questions are asked by these recent publications. Continue reading

La diversità delle lingue arricchisce il pensiero. (Ing. & Fr.)


According to the myth, the destruction of the Tower of Babel would have set off the confusion of languages. Far from being a curse, the multiplicity of languages is a great opportunity for human sciences. The diversity of languages enriches the ways of thinking. A language is not a different way to describe the same things, it is a different point of view on those things. Follow the link to the highly interesting interview of the French philosopher Barbara Cassin CNRS.

« La diversité des langues enrichit la pensée »